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"Well worth a look folks... Paddy Jordan has created a wonderful relaxed space for all types of recordings."


The studio features a one-room recording and control space which is acoustically treated for optimum recording quality. The microphones and equipment are high end featuring the quality you'd expect from a top world-class studio.


Mixing is done using Logic Pro X and a suite of UAD, Izotope and Lexicon plugins as well as the outboard compressors and EQ.


Mastering is essential to ensure that your music doesn't peak and is suitable for playing on all media and, of course, on radio. Here in the studio, mastering is done using the outboard hardware and Izotope Ozone 7 software. I also have a pro subscription to the LANDR online mastering service.


Although CDs are less common than before, many people still want a CD of their music. I can provide the artwork design and liase with the CD duplication company to produce any quantity of CDs.


You may also want to get your music online via Spotify, iTunes or Soundcloud. I can help you do this and even shoot a simple video for Facebook or YouTube if required.


If you want to record in an outside location I can also do this for you. So whether it's a live gig recording or a recording in a space where you like the sound or the ambience, I can help you get the best possible recording of your performance. 

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