"Top class service. Great atmosphere. So easy to work with Paddy. The end result is also top class. :) im a regular visitor to the studio and will continue to be"

Sean Keane - 'One more hour'

Sean Keane recorded vocals and piano for his single 'One more hour' here with Aine Morgan sharing the lead vocal duties.

Tony Callanan - 'Joe Dean'

Tony Callanan recorded his original composition 'Joe Dean' utilising the session musician skills of Enda Dempsey on guitar, Niall Teague on piano and Terry Cooke on drums. 

The Rascals - 'Sunshine on Leith'

The Rascals recorded this song live in the new studio tracking room. Recording live has many advantages. The musicians feel more comfortable without headphones, and the vibe is better. But it also has difficulties, particularly the spill from all the live microphones. Luckily, the room has a nice acoustic and the natural ambience meant that very little extra effects were required. 

The Treblemakers - 'Perfect'

The Treblemakers recorded their cover version and video in the studio. As you can see, it was a bit of a squeeze, but the craic was mighty.

Kayla McDonagh - 'Mo ghrá thú'
Mo ghrá thú - Kayla McDona
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This is Kayla's beautiful version of 'Mo ghrá thú' recorded here. I used the backing track-creation software 'Band-in-a-box' to augment Mike Cooley's excellent acoustic guitar playing. 

Mikey Burke - 'Bee's wing'
Bee's wing - Mikey Burke
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Mikey Burke played this version of 'Bee's wing' live in the studio with just the acoustic guitar and his amazing voice.

Chloe Collins - 'Pie Jesu'
Pie Jesu - Chloe Collins
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Chloe Collins is only fifteen and has the most angelic voice. Here she sings 'Pie Jesu' to a MIDI backing track that I downloaded specifically for this session.